First Blog Post

A Beautiful View

In Search Of…..

If the years since 2020 and the Global Pandemic have taught me anything, it is to cherish the time we have. We can’t see around the corner of what is to come, so learning to appreciate the now is important. My life looks different than it did in 2020. I’ve changed careers, lost some loved ones, have mastered virtually holidays and learned to truly cherish the moments. In the pandemic something as simple as a coffee with a friend became a special occasion. It made a lot of people think about with whom they share experiences and whether time spent was worth the possible risk of infection. We’ve learned a lot since 2020 and evolved into a new era. I will always be careful in a different way since March of 2020. I appreciate peaceful moments and am excited to go in search of new things and experiences that bring me joy. Let’s begin.

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