Local wines of Arizona

There is a wine trail just moments from Sedona. I hadn’t ever heard of wines from Arizona, so joining a tour of the area peaked my curiosity. I learned winemaking is a popular thing in Arizona. It was started by Franciscan missionaries and people who had vineyards.

We explored local vineyards in the verde valley along the wine trail just outside Sedona.

The first vineyard was Page Spring Cellars. The wines here were made from grapes grown on site as well as grapes brought in and processed on site. The tasting room offered food options and multiple flight tastings.

The second location minutes away from the first location was Oak Creek. The winemakers are from California and have recently won winemaking awards. The Sauvignon Blanc was a really special choice. There are picnic tables outside for enjoying the day.

The third winery, Javelina Leap, was steps away from Oak Creek had amazing choices and many award winners. The winery has mixed methods of production including oak barrels and stainless steel. The wines are worthy of the awards! There are views of the vineyard and tables for sitting and enjoying a nice glass of award winning wine.

The last stop was DA Ranch which had a beautiful venue, duck pond, fire pit, and cozy spaces around the property to sit.

Javelina Leap
Javelina Leap tasting room
Page Springs cellars souvenir glass included with flights
DA Ranch

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